Welcome to CSK

Welcome to the official Swedish Cocker Spaniel Club

Our club is associated to the Swedish Spaniel & Retriever Club, SSRK, and the Swedish Kennel Club, SKK. Please do not hesistate to make enquiries if you want to know more about our club or about the breed in Sweden. The easiest way to make contact is by e-mail to styrelsen@cockerklubben.com

You are very welcome as a member and you will receive the Cocker Magazine four times a year. You are also entitled to participate in all activities of the club or local association organizes. Membership is continuous, which means that it is good for one year from the date you pay the fees. If you have any questions about membership, please e-mail to medlem@cockerklubben.com and we will be glad to help.

Fee for foreign member is 350 SEK. To become a member ot the Swedish Cocker Spaniel Club, you apply for membership, change your address or cancel your membership here – ONLINE REGISTRATION 

If you are interested in results with pictures from Swedish shows you will find them here.


Most welcome!